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There’s really nowhere in the world quite like Darling Harbour.

From first light to starry nights, there’s always something going on here. Coffee machines froth, water laps, children play, friends chat, steaks sear, glasses clink, bass thumps and fireworks crackle. Infectious sounds travel on harbour breezes as text messages and online updates share snapshots of good times.
If you’re a local, chances are you really do come here often. If you’re new in town, there’s no question you’ll have this sparkling harbour on your Sydney bucket list.

Hashtag Darling Harbour brings the very best of the harbour – from popular events and famous restaurants and bars, to the hidden gems on menus, at exhibitions, under the water and above the city – to you.

Bringing Sydney’s Foreshore to life

Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority is proud to manage Darling Harbour—Sydney’s great celebration space. We stage the big events and produce the cultural festivals that make Darling Harbour a playground for all ages.
We also clean up the rubbish, tend to the plants and grass, maintain the benches you sit on and the paving you walk on and generally make sure everything goes smoothly in this incredible place visited by 25 million people a year.
For more information about Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority visit www.shfa.nsw.gov.au.